About Andrew

To create – this is my passion. Video | 3D Printing | Woodworking

I’ve been shooting, editing and animating professionally for 18+ years in West Michigan. Often called the “MacGyver” of video, you’ll see my DIY camera support rigs on set. I believe you don’t need to have a large budget to shoot great video! Experience and a great story will carry you to a great finished product.

Teaching is at the core of what I do. Whether in the classroom or on set with peers, I love sharing knowledge and ideas with others. At Cinerrific! we’ve regularly had interns and other students helping and learning in real production environments. I also realize that I’m constantly still learning. 

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My wife Laura and I have 4 active children. I recharge by creating in my woodshop or taking a drive with my kids. During the summer we enjoy camping, hiking, and kayaking. To help pass the time in the winter we go skiing, sledding, and eat soup!

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<< On set. Under an overpass.

Being on set is always a great time, even during a challenge. These stressful situations are what drive us as video professionals. Tight deadlines, tough shooting conditions – it’s all part of the job.