My First Post

Andrew Tingley | Decmber 1, 2022
11desktop with a computer, cup of coffee, notepad and a mobile phone.

Hello and welcome to my first blog post! In all my training I’ve learned this is the wrong way to start a blog.

For some reason though, it seems fitting. I need a place to refer back, add thoughts, and set goals. In general, I’m passionate about video production, findings, learning, and conducting interviews with industry professionals.

In my experience, starting on any journey begins with a plan…a list of goals or milestones to guide you along the way. The path may change, but you must be prepared for anything. This first post outlines my plan for future posts and may be updated to reflect new ideas. Reading this list, you may find topics of interest to you. A post may exist or it may just be the idea. Please let me know if you are interested in a topic and would like it moved up on the list! I’d love to have a conversation with you to help mold the post to aid actual situations or answer current questions you may have about the industry.

Case Studies
– The story of The Health Deli podcast
– Current Produtions
– Solo story/podcast

– Cameras
– Tripods
– Lighting
– Grip gear

Streaming video
– OBS, vMix, ManyCam
– Streaming platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, or twitch

How to
– Use a Mac
– Light a green screen and pull an awesome key
– Creating titles with photoshop
– Create for Instagram in Photoshop
– Editing with Premiere
– Editing with Resolve
– Public speaking
– Internet safety
– Get into 3D printing
– Get into teaching

Interviews/Podcast episodes
– TDMP professors
– TDMP Alumni
– Industry Professionals

General Topics of Interest
– Business
– Life growth/personal growth
– IT
– Cooking


I don’t, nor will I ever claim to know everything about any subject, but I’m always learning. My hope is that you find something on this blog that helps to push you in the right direction, whether that be an answer to a question or a continued curiosity to learn. I’m here with you…learning and growing every day. Let’s do this together.


Mini Bio

Andrew has been producing video for over 20 years, and teaching for 6.

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